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An Autobiographical Statement 1967

"...we rented a beautiful apartment in an old house on Yonge Street, across from the Liquor Control Board at Summerhill..." more

Michael Pflug's Biographical Statement 2000

"One of her first paintings on Yonge Street..."more

Christiane Pflug: Interview with Avrom Isaccs, 1964

"...when we were able to rent an apartment downtown, with a view from one window which was good to paint..." more

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Railway Yard in Rain

Oil on Canvas

LETTERS & DOCUMENTS: Yonge St. 1960-64

Christiane Pflug to Michael Pflug, New York, 3 November 1962

... The train ride was very long, the landscape barren and poor, so many garbage dumps and half-dilapidated houses, so much barren land, so much thin, neglected forest, flock of gulls picking around in the garbage dumps, one can hardly believe that one is in a 'rich' country, although it is true that the best areas are not along the railroad tracks. The wooden houses are nice in spite of all that, so tiny in the wide landscape, they all have something sad about them, the time passed them by and they seem frail as nothing really does in Europe. There are many rivers and lakes, which reflect the trees and the cloudy sky, the landscape is so spread out, the sky so huge, the houses so small. In some places there was snow already. Black cows were looking for food on the snowy pastures. It is all very wide and lonely. One thinks of the Indians and that all that once belonged to them. Especially at the rivers and lakes one gets so sad, maybe their ghosts haunt those places. I should not be surprised. ...

Ursula Pflug Story 1963

... There once was a little chicken and it liked the moon so much. Each evening it goes out and looks at it and it also finds the stars very beautiful and in the morning the sun. The chicken is very happy but also very sad because the sun is going away so fast and therefore it looks whether it finds something shiny because in the evening one should not go out and look at the moon. No, that one must not do. The moon has the light from the sun and gives it back to the earth. The moon street and the festival of the moon. The people she likes who live on the earth. The fishes whom she knows, they look at her. The pictures one makes of her are beautiful. ...

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